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Letter from Pastor Doug


OVER FIVE YEARS AGO, Stonehill was planted to love all people and help them find and follow Jesus. We began Stonehill to reach the Treasure Valley with the good news of Jesus. It’s been a great five years, but God is far from being done! We are now ready to enter into a singularly-defining season for the church: one of radical generosity. We believe that as we look back five years from now, we will say, “That was a defining moment in the life of our church.” The older I get, the more I realize that God is sovereign and in control of everything we do. This includes Him placing so many of us to worship, work, live, and play in the Treasure Valley. We have been blessed with an amazing community to live in. The Treasure Valley is a beautiful place with great values, a good economy, wonderful amenities, and amazing outdoor activities. Many of us think we moved here because of families, jobs, politics, moralistic community, and blue turf (ha). But what if one of God’s main reasons for us living here is so that we can be on mission and bless this community with the Gospel? I firmly believe that God has each one of us living here in the valley “For the Valley.” I hope that within these pages you’ll find new inspiration to be a part of God’s mission. Our primary goal is 100% participation on this journey because we don’t want anyone to miss out on this opportunity. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do! It’s going to be amazing. Will you join us on this journey?



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Over the next 5 years, we believe God will use Stonehill Church to help bring life changing spiritual transformation into our community by helping thousands of people find and follow Jesus. Therefore, we will continue to be a church “For the Valley” by sharing the Gospel, living out our faith, and intentionally serving our community through local outreach. 

We will expand our kingdom-impact by securing a permanent location for our current congregation by 2024 and multiply our ministry with 2 additional campuses by 2026.  

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